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Custom Web System &
IoT Platform

Besides, Corelink Technology is a system development company that specializes in building high-quality custom web system / IoT platform for small and medium-sized business, aiming to make lives easier with technology.

We believe that every customer is different, and they should get a personalized solution tailored to their needs.

IoT Integration & Analytics

Automation Engineering Services

IoT Integration Solution

The IoT integration solution is a network of connected devices that can be used to gather and analyze data to archive business process automation. This technology has the potential to transform every industry and business, by enabling them to collect, process, and act on information in real time.

We work with you to create sustainable solutions that are built to last.

Legacy Software Migration

Automation Engineering Services

Legacy Software Migration

We offer well-researched and customized solutions that solve your business problems, whether it’s migrating from an old system to a new one, or upgrading your current systems.

In the process of migration, we make sure to handle all the nuances of the old platform so you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll handle everything!

How we can help your business?

Connecting the dots and pulling all the strings

Corelink Technology

Data comes alive

We transform your data into interactive charts, reports and dashboards that can be easily viewed on any device.

Corelink Technology

Easily manage your data

Manage your data from anywhere on any device. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting or losing important information again.

Corelink Technology

A smarter way to manage your devices

Do more with less, reduce costs, and increase efficiency with our IoT integration and analytics services.

Corelink Technology

Improves your process

We tailor our services to your needs, whether you’re looking for better customer service solutions or manufacturing efficiencies.

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Automation Engineering Services?

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We Run IT & Engineering Services that Vow your Success

Control Panel Design

Control Panel & Mechanical Solution

Design and build control panel and machine elements.

IoT Integration & Analytics

IoT Integration Solution

Connect and monitor equipment.

OEM Machine Service

OEM Machinery Service

Design and build machinery.

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